There are few ideas we developed which are currently at a patent pending stage. Some of them we are using in our products. Some of them are intended for future sale and/or licensing. The list of these ideas is shown below.

Wooden Fence.

A new design for a wooden fence, incorporating the following advantages:

 • Ease of assembly: the fence can be assembled practically by one person, without any nailing, by using a few pre-drilled holes in some of the fence parts;

 • Ease of repair: every wooden fence is rotting at the point of soil contact or close to the ground; repair of normal sectional fence virtually requires replacement of most fence boards — the new fence design allows for the replacement of only a small percentage of an actually damaged wood;

 • An improved appearance: a better looking, stronger, more durable fence;

 • Any size or shape of the property border can be accommodated;

 • Cost of a fence: regular 6ft tall fence can be constructed from a much thicker and stronger wood at a virtually identical cost, providing a better longevity and durability; cost of the fence taller than standard 6ft grows in exact direct proportion to the fence height (as opposed to the regular fence design, where the need for taller boards creates a rapid disproportional growth of the fence's cost), making our fence design the most economical of all;

 • Ability to make secure and appealing windows and access doors in the fence, at any horizontal or vertical position, without altering the fence design.

 • If you are in the fencing business, and are interested in manufacturing and installing fences, possessing all listed qualities, we will be glad to talk to you about it. Please give us a call or  drop us a note .

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